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Привет друзья! Оптические диски постепенно выходят из употребления, параллельно уменьшается и количество моделей ноутбуков со встроенным дисководом. DiskMaker X (formerly Lion DiskMaker) is an application built with AppleScript that you can use with many versions of OS X/macOS to build a bootable drive from OS X/macOS installer program (the one you download from the App Store). – Drag DiskMaker X’s icon on Script Editor’s icon in the Dock (it will display its code); – Click on View menu > Show Event log (if it’s checked, don’t uncheck it). – Press the Execute button. There are a number of reasons why you might need to create a USB boot drive for your Mac. Thankfully — with Disk Drill, the process is now much easier than you might expect. Disk Drill has a selection of powerful tools that help you create bootable USB drivers for your Mac, quickly and easily. Download DiskMaker X 6.0 rc5. Get a copy of OS X Yosemite on a USB drive. DiskMaker X is a practical tool developed with AppleScript that lets you copy an install file for the OS X Yosemite operating system to a USB drive so you can turn it into a boot disk during startup. So here we are, and there are two things I can do here : either give up, OR try to rise to the challenge. Well… Let's try to do the latter. A new version of DiskMaker X with fixes for some of the most glaring bugs should come next Sunday. It should make most of you happier. DiskMaker X (was Lion DiskMaker) helps you to build a bootable drive from the official OS X installer app (the one you download from the Mac App Store). It detects the OS X Install program with Spotlight then proposes to build a bootable install disk and make it look as nice as possible. Make a bootable DVD or USB drive from the OS X installer. DiskMaker X Editor's review. While not easily completed with native programs, users may still want the ability to create a bootable USB of their Mac OS. Lion DiskMaker for Mac lacks any other features, but completes this function well. Download (4.33MB). Popular Alternatives to DiskMaker X for Windows. Explore 10 Windows apps like DiskMaker X, all suggested and ranked by the AlternativeTo user community. download diskmaker x 4.0b4 mac, diskmaker x 4.0b4 mac, diskmaker x 4.0b4 mac download. Create Bootable El Capitan USB Install Drive with DiskMaker X for Mac Thursday, October 1st, 2015 Author: Dan @ MacSales.com. UPDATE 09/2017: Create a Bootable macOS High Sierra Install Drive with DiskMaker. Как установить Windows 10, Как установить Windows 8.1, Как установить Windows XP, Как установить Windows.